Save the Date!! Saturday, April 21st

Tired of seeing litter on our beaches? Want to teach the kids the meaning and value of environmental stewardship (the responsible use and protection of the natural environment)?
Then mark your calendars for Saturday, April 21st at 9:30am, and join the GrassRoots Garbage Gang for the 50th Beach Cleanup. This is a great way to benefit our community and show how we care for our beautiful coastline. Please follow the link for more info:
On Washington State’s southernmost coast, we boast 28 miles of sandy Pacific Ocean beach. Like beaches everywhere, it sees a tremendous amount of humanity’s garbage being tossed or washed ashore. In 2001, a group of local residents began an all-volunteer effort to tackle the garbage along these beaches. We’ve completed over 48 cleanups and collected nearly 500 tons! We call ourselves the GrassRoots Garbage Gang because that’s what we are, a very grassroots group of folks who are distressed by the trash on the beaches. Since that time, the effort has mushroomed, with volunteers coming from all over the state to help out at one or all three of the annual cleanups.