Are You Ready for a REAL Tsunami or Other Catastrophic Event?

The recent tsunami watch and earthquake report are good reminders that we all need to be prepared for any catastrophic event that might come our way! Do you have a plan? Emergency supplies? A NOAA radio? A “Go Bag”? If you already have a Go Bag, does it have the stuff you’ll really need in an event of an emergency? If you feel like you need to be more prepared or you’re unsure if you have what you need to survive, you should plan on attending the “Tsunami – Go Bag Ready” event on Saturday, February 10th from Noon-3:00pm at the Chautauqua Lodge (304 14th St NW, Long Beach). See the flyer below for more info:
Tsunami Go Bag Flyer

For more info about emergency planning, visit the Pacific County Emergency Management page:

Also, here is a link to more Tsunami info, including an evacuation map for our area:

Be Prepared!!