*Reminder* North Jetty Improvement Project

The North Jetty Improvement Project is under way and there will be an increase in truck traffic starting next week. Here are the facts:

The original plan was to barge in the majority of the large rock (as had been done with last year’s jetty improvements) but because of tide and weather conditions this is no longer an option. The rock is now being delivered by barge to Warrenton and then hauled here by truck. To date there has been about 15k tons of rock brought out, with another 110k tons to come this year. The majority of work in 2018 will focus on the arm of the jetty, while 2019 will be the head (larger stones).

It is estimated that there will be between 15 and 30 trucks per day between now and October. For the month of August, the estimate will double to 30-60 loads per day.

The contractor is restricted to hauling on weekdays and during daylight hours. Weekend hauling requires pre-approval by the city. They have asked that we let them know if there are any special events occurring on a weekday which would create heightened traffic hazards. During the meeting the contractor was given the dates of the Ilwaco Art Walks which occur on Friday, and also the Friday of Slow Drags at the Port. If anyone knows of other weekday events scheduled in Ilwaco this summer, please let me know.

The contractor also agreed that during the month of August the speed restriction for the truck drivers would be reduced by 5MPH. Not only would August be the busiest time for the rock trucks, but it would also be the busiest with fishing trailers parked on the right of ways throughout downtown.

You can follow this link for more information: