*Wipes Are NOT Flushable*

*Important message from the Ilwaco Wastewater Treatment Plant:

It’s easy to look at a simple wet wipe and wonder how it could cause millions of dollars worth of damage, but it’s the accumulation of them that causes the damage. For public wastewater management systems, wet wipes collide inside the sewers and clump together. Each system attempts to process wastewater by grinding it up into a slurry which can be more easily transported. But the wet wipes stick to the inside of pipes causing blockages. The only way to unblock these, is for sewage workers to physically clear them, which is costly and time consuming and can cause damage to the entire system. 

These pictures are from the Ilwaco Wastewater Treatment Plant:

At home, even with an excellent pump or septic tank in place, wet wipes can create a physical and financial nightmare. They can get tangled into the impeller housing, causing the pump to block. The best case scenario is that there is a costly maintenance bill required to remove the wet wipes. The worst case scenario is that the impeller itself seizes up and breaks, requiring it to be replaced.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t flush ANY type of wipe, even if it says it’s flushable!!