Don’t Know How to Dispose of Old Tires?

Here’s the answer!

Pacific County Department of Community Development will be hosting two Waste Tire Amnesty Events (WTAE) next month. Both events are open to all Pacific County residents.

The WTAE’s provide an opportunity for residents to clean-up their properties by disposing of their old tires at no charge. We will be accepting motorcycle, passenger, or light truck tires, with or without rims, at both of the event dates/locations listed below. There will be no paperwork to fill out, simply drop the tires off FREE of charge between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm.:

April 6, 2019                                      April 13, 2019

318 2nd St. NE                                     108 Second St.

Long Beach, WA 98631                   Raymond, WA 98577

We will not be accepting large truck (semi) tires, tractor tires, or tires of any kind from commercial businesses.

Tires are potentially hazardous to humans, wildlife and the environment. This amnesty event encourages the community to properly deal with their waste tires that seem to accumulate in the garage or backyard over the years. When people know that they can bring their spare tires to an amnesty event, they are less likely to let them sit around, collect water, and perhaps create mosquito breeding grounds.