Black Lake Treatment for Brazilian Elodea

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Ilwaco has contracted with Pacific County to treat Black Lake with aquatic herbicides between December 14, 2020 and December 18, 2020.  Product planned for use is Diquat Dibromide, of which the active ingredient is Diquat Dibromide.  Plants/Algae targeted by the treatment is Brazilian Elodea, and the location of treatments is Black Lake.

The applicator will post signs in the treated area and potentially affected areas no more than 48 hours prior to treatment.  The signs will describe any water use restrictions or advisories.

If you are withdrawing water for potable or domestic water use, livestock watering, or irrigation, and have no alternate water source, please contact Jeff Nesbitt at (360) 875-9425 to arrange an alternate water supply.

This herbicide treatment is regulated under a permit issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Permit No. WAG994209. 

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