Notice of Public Hearing for the Ilwaco Hearing Examiner

Notice of Public Hearing

Variance to construct an On-site Site Sewer System (OSS) serving a new single-family residence in the Resort District (R-3) zone.

Notice is hereby provided in accordance with Ilwaco Municipal Code (IMC) 15.08.110, which stipulates that the City of Ilwaco hold a public hearing prior to the Hearing Examiner issuing a final decision.

The applicant submitted a variance application to construct one 2,713 square foot (SF) single-family residence connected to an OSS with a 2,700 SF drain field. The property address is 799W North Head Road, Ilwaco, WA and is located within the City of Ilwaco on parcel 10113213008.  The IMC requires city sewer systems to serve all single-family residential properties unless an exception is authorized using the variance process (IMC Chapter 15.52). Considering these requirements, the applicant is requesting approval for:

  1. A privately-owned OSS serving a new single-family residential home with two garages.

Per IMC 11.15.020(B), variances require a public hearing and final decision from the Hearing Examiner. The public hearing will be held digitally via Zoom Meeting ID 859 7290 8355 on February 25, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

Project information can be found on file at Ilwaco City Hall, 120 First Avenue North, Ilwaco, Washington 98624. All public comments on this application must be received by the City Planner prior to the hearing (contact information below) or citizens may provide written or oral comments at the hearing.

How to comment prior to the hearing:

  • Email: Sam Rubin (City Planner);
  • Mail or drop-off at City Hall:
    • Holly Beller

120 First Avenue North

P.O. Box 548

Ilwaco, WA 98624