Boil-water Advisory

UPDATE SEPT 2, 2021:

The broken water line on Advent Ave NE has been repaired. There was no contamination to the system through waste water intrusion.


The city has located the water line break and proximity to the sewer main intrusion. It does not appear that the water has been contaminated but residents in the area should continue to boil water until further notified. The repairs will be made on Thursday, Sept. 2 2021.

The City of Ilwaco has located a broken sewer main in the vicinity of Advent Ave NE and Willows St NE. Out of an abundance of caution, residents in the vicinity should boil all tap water used for drinking, brushing teeth, preparing food, making ice, washing dishes, etc. Water should be heated to a brisk boil for one minute and then allowed to cool before use. More information will be provided as soon as it is obtained. Questions can be directed to Ilwaco City Hall at (360) 642-3145