Basic Utility Rates

2023 Basic Monthly Rates

  • Water: $37.00 plus $4.70 for each additional 100 Cubic Feet
  • Sewer: $45.50 plus $9.18 for each additional 100 Cubic Feet of Average Metered Water Use (Average of metered water usage for the previous April, May, Oct, and Nov)
  • Stormwater: $8.28/$10.34, depending on size of parcel
  • Utility Taxes: 8% on water, 6% sewer and 6% stormwater
  • Water consumption during May 1 through September 30 of each year will have a 25% surcharge added
  • Commercial properties with itinerary lodging (i.e. motel room, hotel room, RV space) will pay $3.50 per unit, per month in addition to the monthly base rate.
  • Water services outside of the city limits carries a 50% surcharge.

2023 Basic Utility Rate

2023 Rates and Collection Schedule