The City Council functions through the work of several standing committees who gather and study information and make recommendations for consideration by the full council. 


Committees of the City Council are comprised of two council members who are appointed by the Mayor. Councilmembers are given the opportunity to select their preferred committees on an annual basis.

Council Committees

  • The Water/Sewer Committee has general oversight of operations at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and the Water Treatment Plant (WTP): Jared Oakes & Kristen Mathison

  • The Public Safety Committee has oversight of the Volunteer Fire Department, EMS, and law enforcement: Matt Lessnau & Missy Bageant 

  • The City Landscape Committee has general oversight of the City Parks, sidewalks, and Public Works: Missy Bageant & Kristen Mathison

  • The Human Resources Committee has oversight of personnel benefits and policy: Kenneth Sprague & Jared Oakes

  • The Engineering/Planning Committee has in-depth oversight of related systems of the WWTP/WTP, stormwater, and streets: Matt Lessnau & Kenneth Sprague

  • The Marketing Committee oversees the distribution of Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC)  requests to various organizations like Ilwaco Merchants Association, Columbia Heritage Museum, and Long Beach Visitor Bureau: Missy Bageant & Kristen Mathison