New Service

Combined Water/Sewer/Stormwater Service




The City of Ilwaco recently passed Ordinance ORD 894, which states that all utility accounts shall be in the name of the property owner. The City will send the tenant copies of any and all notices, such as Delinquency and Shut-off Notices. Copies of the monthly bills can be provided upon request, at a fee of $2.00 per month.


Although the bill will remain in the owner's name, the City will need to be advised of any tenant changes and provided with a mailing address and phone number for the new tenant. By law, the tenant will receive copies of all Delinquency and Shut-off Notices. A copy of the monthly bill can be sent to the property manager and/or tenant upon request for a $2.00 fee.



If you are selling your house or moving a tenant out, please contact City Hall at (360) 642-3145. You can request a final bill at that time.

If you are requesting the water be turned off to the property, please be aware that State law prevents the City from shutting off water for reasons other than non-payment or a leak, such as eviction enforcement, and there would be a fee assessed to the account.