Sea Level Rise Risk Assessment

Pacific County recently completed an initial sea level rise (SLR) vulnerability and risk assessment[1] and StoryMap[2] in 2023 to develop saltwater inundation scenarios for 2050 and 2100.

The assessment was on a county-wide scale and included the shorelines within Ilwaco city limits. The assessment identified stormwater drainage capacity and drainage infrastructure management as priority topics of concern for future study. The community and residents within city limits were specifically concerned about existing flooding issues near the city center and the neighborhood of Vandalia as a part of the Pacific County Phase 1 assessment.

The City of Ilwaco will build upon the County’s Phase 1 assessment [3] by investigating these priority topics of concern, conducting groundwater and stormwater drainage mapping and analysis on prioritized areas within city limits to inform development of planning priorities, strategies, and regulations to mitigate SLR impacts.

The City will consult with a hydrogeologist to assess stormwater flooding and drainage capacities in high-priority areas of known flooding, as identified through stakeholder engagement. The City Public Works staff will be consulted to evaluate infrastructure needs and existing improvement plans. These analyses will be used to assess where policy and/or regulatory language should be amended to help mitigate the loss of development.

This project will result in:

  • Mapped areas of increased risk of impact;
  • Recommended resiliency strategies; and
  • Draft amendments to applicable plans to incorporate the identified strategies.


This project will include several public outreach events to educate and engage stakeholders. Outreach events will focus on discussion of the assessment maps and results, review of recommended actions, and identification of potential new regulatory language. Information and education on adaptation strategies will also be available.

Outreach events will focus on:

  • Discussion of the additional assessment results;
  • Review of city-specific maps; and
  • Identification and review of proposed policy and regulatory language.

A technical advisory committee (TAC) will be convened to review the model results and interpretation and to guide communications and follow-up actions. The same TAC will be used to advise the Pacific County Phase 2 project that is being conducted at the same time as the City of Ilwaco’s Phase 2 project.  Meetings will also be held in tandem, to reduce meeting times for stakeholders that would be affected by both projects.

2024 Tentative Meeting Schedule

Below is the expected schedule for meetings that will be held in 2024. This project will continue into 2025 with an anticipated completion date of June 2025.

Project Timeline

Public Outreach Events

The public is encouraged to attend virtual or in-person meetings to provide feedback on the project deliverables. Meeting dates will be available on this page as they are scheduled. The following meetings are expected:

Planning Commission Meeting (Hybrid)
March 5, 2024 at 5:30 pm


Zoom link:


Public Meeting (Hybrid)
May 2024 Date/Time TBD Location TBD (Virtual option available)


Pacific County Phase 1 Assessment

The Pacific County Phase 1 Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Risk Assessment and updates regarding the current Phase 2 Assessment can be viewed on the Pacific County webpage here: Sea Level Rise Risk Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (

The accompanying ArcGIS StoryMap is available here: Sea Level Rise Risk Assessment (

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Shoreline Substantial Development, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, and SEPA Determination - Port of Ilwaco Bulkhead Resilience Project

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Ilwaco will hold a rescheduled public hearing to consider the Shoreline Substantial Development Permit and Shoreline Conditional Use Permit for the Port of Ilwaco East Bulkhead Resilience Project. The Public Hearing will take place on January 4, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. at the Ilwaco Community Building Meeting Room, 156 N. First Street, Ilwaco, WA 98624. The Public Hearing can also be attended virtually using Zoom Meeting ID 385 864 1217. Citizens may provide written or oral comments at the hearing.

At its commercial fishing wharf, currently occupied by Safe Coast Seafoods, the Port of Ilwaco proposes to replace the failing east bulkhead with a sheetpile bulkhead, replace the slope protection to the north and south of the east bulkhead, and pave and regrade the upland wharf area directly landward of the east bulkhead to mitigate the effects of sea level rise. The proposed project is located at 117 Howerton Avenue SE on the following tax parcels: 73048003011, 73048003009 and 73031013000.


The project requires a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, and SEPA Determination pursuant to the City’s Shoreline Master Program and WAC 197-11-800(2)(a)(i). Additional permits from other agencies with authority are also required, including, but not necessarily limited to: US Army Corps of Engineers Section 10/404 Permit, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA), Washington Department of Natural Resources Aquatic Use Authorization, and Washington Department of Ecology Coastal Zone Management Consistency determination.


The lead agency has determined that this proposal will not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review of the completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency. This Determination of Non-Significance is issued under WAC 197-11-340(2); the lead agency will not act on this proposal for 14 days from the date of issuance.


Project information can be found on file at Ilwaco City Hall, 120 First Avenue North, Ilwaco, WA 98624. To receive a copy of the decision, once made, or for information on appeals, contact us at the above address. Staff Contact: Holly Beller;; (360) 642-3145.

Date of issuance: November 8, 2023

POI East Bulkhead Resilience Project Staff Report_12.14.2023

Attachment A_Application_Planset

Attachment B_SEPA Checklist_DNS

Attachment D_Final Geotechnical Report_REV 3

Attachment E_WTL Delineation and Macroveg Report

Attachment F_JARPA

Attachment G_NNL and Mitigation Narrative

Attachment H_Biological Evaluation

Attachment I_Letter from DAHP

Attachment J_Revised LOCs

PN 1-4-24 Zoom Instructions (Hearing Examiner_POI Shoreline Substantial Development and Conditional Use Permit)