Stormwater Utility


On November 28, 2011, the Ilwaco City Council adopted an ordinance creating a fund for administration, maintenance and operation of a stormwater utility.

Why do we need a stormwater fee?

Previously, money from the city’s Streets Fund is used as the primary source of funding for stormwater services. As such, stormwater system maintenance, repairs and improvements competed for funds with roads. In addition, indebtedness from previous stormwater projects was being repaid through the Streets Fund.

How are properties charged?

A stormwater utility fee is charged based upon lot size, developed or undeveloped, and residential or commercial. All developed and undeveloped property within the City of Ilwaco pay the stormwater utility fee, regardless of whether or not they receive water and sewer services. This includes houses, schools, public facilities, churches and businesses. For those properties that receive monthly water and sewer bills, the fee is included on the bill. Those properties that are undeveloped and do not receive a monthly water and sewer bill are billed on an annual basis.