Building & Planning

All Planning requests are made using a Master Planning Permit Application Packet supplemented by the related materials as described in the corresponding Permit Guidelines.  Planning approvals must be issued prior to requesting a building permit from the City of Long Beach.  All planning activities are handled by the City of Ilwaco.  Building permits and inspections are conducted by the City of Long Beach Building Department, Building Inspector Rich Jacoby, under an interlocal agreement.  For more detailed information please refer to the Guide to Development in Ilwaco.

All planning applications must be signed and accompanied by the appropriate application fee(s).  Applicants agree that they are financially responsible for any and all engineering and planning services or other professional consulting/legal services deemed necessary by the city for the complete permit and plan review.  A detailed and itemized invoice will be sent upon issuing or closing the permit application, with the application fee credited to the total cost.

Fee Schedule            Graph            Ilwaco Site Plan Example         Measuring Building Height

Public Right-of-Way

All work being performed by private entities in a city right-of-way, must have a signed Right-of-Way permit prior to beginning work.  The right-of-way permit must be accompanied by a traffic control plan, surety bond payable to the City of Ilwaco for 100% of the estimated cost of the work (but not less than $1,000), proof of contractor's insurance, and a Washington State business license with Ilwaco endorsement.

SEPA Reviews and Documentation

Information on SEPA proposals can be found HERE