Doing Business in Ilwaco


City business license change effective January 1, 2019

Beginning January 1, 2019, if your business is not located in the city and has annual gross revenues less than $2,000 in the city, your business will no longer be required to pay a business license fee. You must still obtain a license, file a Business & Occupation Report as required, and pay the license fee if at any time revenue equals or exceeds $2,000 annually.

Why the change?

In 2017, the Legislature passed EHB 2005 (RCW 35.90), requiring cities with local business licenses to adopt a minimum threshold for out-of-city businesses and a definition of “engaging in business” as part of a city model business license by January 1, 2019. (RCW 35.90.090)

What is it changing?

The city implemented changes to the business license with a minimum threshold that all business license cities were required to adopt. Some cities may still require a license but charge no fee, others have exemptions below the threshold. If your business is located in the city or your business revenue is above the threshold, you are still required to pay the fee for a business license. The threshold also does not apply to regulatory licenses or other local taxes.

More information

The City of Ilwaco passed its Business Licensing Ordinance (No. 2018-882) on September 24th, 2018. You may read it in its entirety at

The changes took effect on January 1, 2019.


Contact Stephanie Davis, City Clerk (360) 642-3145

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  • STARTING A BUSINESS: The City of Ilwaco contracts with the Pacific County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) to provide assistance to new businesses. PCEDC has a number of resources for Starting a Business. Be sure to check out the New Business Checklist and FAQ, as well as other resources on their website.
  • BUSINESS LICENSE: Ilwaco business licenses are issued and renewed online or by mail by the Washington State Business Licensing Services.
  • BUSINESS & OCCUPATION TAX REPORTING: Businesses with an Ilwaco endorsement on their business license must file Business & Occupation Tax Reports (quarterly or annually based on annual revenue) as long as the license is active, whether or not they conduct any business or collect any revenue in Ilwaco. The forms are generated from a new program and will be mailed to businesses within 2 weeks of the end of each quarter for quarterly reporters or the end of the year for annual reporters, so there is no need to print the form from this site (if needing to report for a different time period click here). If a business doesn’t receive a report, they will need to contact the City Clerk to make sure that their business information is accurate in the new system. More information is listed on the back of the report.
  • ZONING: Businesses wishing to locate within the City of Ilwaco should ensure they meet the city’s zoning requirements. For a zoning map, click here. For the Allowed and Restricted Use Table, click here and go to Chapter 15.44.
  • BUILDING PERMITS: Building permits are issued through the City of Long Beach (360-642-4421).
  • SIGN PERMITS: Sign permits must meet municipal code. To learn more, click here and go to Chapter 15.45. For the sign permit form, click here.